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Top Trails To Hike On Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend is a great time to hit the trails!

The best trails to hike over the Labor Day holiday can vary based on your location, preferences, and the type of experience you’re seeking. Labor Day weekend is a popular time for hiking, so it’s important to consider factors like trail popularity, weather, and your hiking skill level. Here are a few trail options that we like, across different regions, that could offer great experiences over the Labor Day holiday:

  1. Sierra Nevada Mountains:
    • Desolation Wilderness: A favorite of mine! Known for its granite peaks and pristine alpine lakes, Desolation Wilderness offers numerous hiking options. The trail to Lake Aloha and the Pyramid Peak Trail are popular choices and a particular favorite of mine.
    • Five Lakes Basin: Accessible from Alpine Meadows, this trail leads to a series of stunning alpine lakes surrounded by rugged granite peaks. It’s a great spot for a day hike or overnight trip.
  2. West Coast:
    • Big Sur, California: Hike the McWay Falls Trail or venture into the Ventana Wilderness for coastal and forested hikes.
    • Olympic National Park, Washington: Explore trails like Hurricane Ridge or Hoh Rain Forest for diverse ecosystems and stunning scenery.
  3. Pacific Northwest:
    • Mount Rainier National Park, Washington: Hike the Skyline Trail to enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and its alpine meadows.
    • Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington: Explore trails like Eagle Creek or Multnomah Falls for stunning waterfalls and lush scenery.
  4. Southwest:
    • Sedona, Arizona: Explore the Red Rock Country with trails like Devil’s Bridge or Cathedral Rock for stunning rock formations.
    • Zion National Park, Utah: Hike to popular spots like Angels Landing or explore lesser-known trails like Observation Point.
  5. Rocky Mountains:
    • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: Choose from a variety of trails offering mountain vistas, alpine lakes, and diverse landscapes.
    • Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming: Hike around Jenny Lake or take on more challenging trails with views of the iconic Tetons.
  6. Northeast:
    • White Mountains, New Hampshire: Hike the Franconia Ridge Loop for stunning views of the White Mountains’ peaks and valleys.
    • Adirondack Mountains, New York: Consider the High Peaks region for challenging hikes or Lake Placid area trails for a more leisurely experience.
  7. Southeast:
    • Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee/North Carolina: Discover a wide range of trails, from easy walks to challenging summits, amid beautiful forested landscapes.

Before embarking on any hike, make sure to check trail conditions, weather forecasts, and park regulations. Labor Day weekend can be busy, so consider arriving early, and having backup trail options in case of overcrowding. Be sure to practice ‘Leave No Trace (LNT)’ principles to minimize your impact on the environment.

Stay safe and hike on friends!

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